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About Our Industry - Logistics and Supply-chain

Studiu: UPS si Marken, furnizori de servicii logistice de TOP in segmentul studiilor clinice in industria Pharma

Nice Insight, departamentul de cercetare al That’s Nice, A Science Agency, cu sediul la New York, a realizat primul studiu de piata de masurare a perceptiei industriei farmaceutice asupra celor mai importanti furnizori de servicii de logistica si distributie la nivel mondial.

About Our Country - Romania

17 fascinating things you didn't know about Romania

To mark Romania's independence day, here are a few quirky facts about the country.

21 Beautiful Places in Romania

Romania is a country of medieval castles, Gothic churches, and charming towns, all hidden among some of the most enigmatic landscapes of southeastern Europe.

Ten villages in Romania to add to the travel list

Countryside tourism has taken off in the country in recent years, with the help of various initiatives, and those interested can now explore the villages across the country with easier access to accommodation and meal options.

100 Places to See in Romania: Well-known and less-known

Some of these places are one-of-a-kind for Romania, and even the wider region.

100 Places to See in Romania: In the footsteps of…

In the case of some places in Romania, the association with various personalities has brought an increased number of visitors.

100 Places to See in Romania: Spectacular roads

Taking the saying “It’s the journey not the destination” literally, here are some local road and railroad routes of spectacular views.

100 Places to See in Romania: Seasonal destinations

Flower reservations to be seen in spring, cycling through mountain routes in summer, picking close to Bucharest: there’s a place for each season.

100 Places to See in Romania: Food & Wine

Traveling through Romania means you can encounter hearty meals and good wines.

100 Places to See in Romania: Rich history & traditions

How did a medieval remedy for divorce work? Are all cemeteries somber places? Can a church protect a village? These destinations hold some of the answers.

100 Places to See in Romania: Man-made landmarks

Medieval citadels, fortresses, mansions and fairy-tale castles add to the list of the country’s built patrimony.

100 Places to See in Romania: Beautiful cities full of history

If your first and only experience of a Romanian city was Bucharest, then getting out there to visit some more is a must. Ancient settlements, medieval towns, or Art Nouveau architecture, Romanian cities will surprise the traveler with unexpected offerings.

100 Places to See in Romania: Nature and Wildlife

Virgin forests, mountain trails, or quiet beaches: diverse is most often the description used for Romania’s natural landscapes.